Earn a high school diploma and career certification at no cost to you. For qualifying students only.

Any adult age 22 or older living in Ohio that does not have a secondary credential (High School Diploma or GED) qualifies to participate in the Adult Diploma Program- a program made possible through a grant from the Ohio Department of Education.


Who qualifies?

Any adult age 22 or older living in Ohio that does not have a secondary credential—this means HS diploma or GED.


What do participants receive?

Students will earn a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA and Career Technical Certificate once industry credentials and WorkKeys requirements are met.


What is the cost for the Adult Diploma program?

Students enrolled through the adult diploma program will be covered entirely through a grant from the Ohio Department of Education.


What is the process for enrollment into the program?

1. Call us at 330-669-7070 to express interest in the Adult Diploma Program.

Attend a free info-session and fill out the Adult Diploma Program application.

You will be asked to provide:

  • State issued ID or driver’s license

  • A working email address

2. Register for the academic assessment (TABE). To register, call 330-988-1007.

3. Attend academic skill orientation, commit to working on refreshing areas of academics that need improvement (generally 6 to 8 weeks), and schedule your Work Keys assessment test through Anna Phillips when you are ready.

4. Communicate throughout this process with your Career Success Coach (Anna Phillips)

You will also:

  • Register with Ohio Means Jobs
  • Discuss academic skill attainment plans, choose a technical skill focus
  • Create a SAFE account login (how your high school diploma is generated)

5. Your application will be submitted to the Ohio Department of Education for approval and acceptance into the program once all steps have been completed.

6. Once you have passed the required Work Keys and passed your industry credential for your program of choice, a high school diploma will be generated from the Ohio Department of Education.


What technical skill programs are available?

Available programs include:

  • Fast Track Basic Operations
  • Phlebotomy
  • Fast Track Welding (includes 1 certification)
  • Nurse Aide
  • Medical Assisting (full-time)
  • Manufacturing Technologies- RAMTEC (full-time)
  • Administrative Office Professional (Accounting Clerk and Human Resources Clerk)

These programs will be supplemented with the academic skills needed to successfully enter the workforce—academic classes may begin before your technical trade program and may extend past your technical trade program.


For questions and additional information, contact Anna at aphillips@wcscc.org or attend a free info session to learn about all the programs and details. Click here to register for the Adult Diploma info session.