Learn new skills or improve current skills in a matter of weeks.

Enroll in one of our Fast-Track Programs designed to get you in, trained, and back into the workforce with new and improved skills. Advance in your current career or learn skills to begin a new one.

Classes currently available:


90 hours/30 sessions
Tuition: $1400
T-TH 6-9pm
Call for additional dates/times

This 10-week course will train non-welders to weld and will train current welders with new and additional skills. A certificate of completion will be given to each student. Welding certification tests (at an additional expense) are available.

Eligible participants may qualify for a workforce development grant. For more information on the workforce development grant, contact Anna.


165 hours/55 sessions
Tuition: $1320 + books
T/W 6-9pm
Call for additional dates/times

Learn keyboarding, computer basics (operations, email, etc.), Microsoft Office programs like Word and Excel, and trending software like Google Drive and others.


For all Fast Track programs, call 330-660-7070 for dates and times. Register online.


Check back regularly for newly added classes!