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Enroll in one of our Fast-Track Programs designed to get you in, trained, and back into the workforce with new and improved skills. Advance in your current career or learn skills to begin a new one.

Classes currently available:


90 hours/30 sessions
Tuition: $1400
M/W 5-9pm
Next Class: 3/26/18 - 6/20/18   Register Here

Call for additional dates/times

This 12-week course will train non-welders to weld and will train current welders with new and additional skills. A certificate of completion will be given to each student. Welding certification tests (at an additional expense) are available.

Eligible participants may qualify for a workforce development grant. For more information on the workforce development grant, contact Anna.


80 hours/30 sessions
Tuition: $1000
T-TH 5-9pm
Call for dates and times

This course covers basic troubleshooting and light repair as well as basic safety. You'll learn the basics of engine repair, automatic transmission, suspension and steering, brakes, and electical systems. The course runs for approximately 10 weeks. To register, call 330-669-7070 or register online here. For more information, contact Lynette Boggs at lboggs@wcscc.org.


165 hours/55 sessions
Tuition: $1320 + books
T/W 6-9pm
Call for additional dates/times

Learn keyboarding, computer basics (operations, email, etc.), Microsoft Office programs like Word and Excel, and trending software like Google Drive and others.


For all Fast Track programs, call 330-660-7070 for dates and times. Register online.


Check back regularly for newly added classes!