Women’s Empowerment is a series of FREE workshops offered to help women move to their next step.  This workshop series is funded through Wayne County Community Foundation’s Women’s Fund and held at the Wayne County Public Library.

This program is open to any adult female resident of Wayne County.  The diversity of each cohort has been a strength of the program.  We often have women from varied life situations, social economic status, educational attainment levels, and backgrounds side by side in the same workshop.  Every participant has their own unique path.  The workshop series has 6 sessions each with a different focus to give direction to the participants in reaching their goal.  

The series includes: The Power of Self, The Power of Presentation and Preparation, The Power of Money, The Power of Social Skills, The Power of Employment and Advancement and The Power of YOU!  Participants are expected to attend all 6 workshops.

Registration is required to attend. All workshop sessions are held on Mondays from 9:30-noon.  Series begin on June 20 and September 19. Each series will run for 6 consecutive weeks. 

Now is the time to enroll!  Call 330-669-7070  to reserve your free spot.

Questions regarding Women’s Empowerment can be directed to the Adult Education office at 330-669-7070 or by email to aeinfo@wcscc.org.