Through the Wayne County Schools Career Center 1-1 Laptop Initiative, each student receives a laptop computer and case to be used in the classroom as well as at home for educational purposes.

Parents attend an informational meeting which includes information about this during Student/Parent Orientation.

The immediate access to computers and increased use of technology in education will have a beneficial effect on students’ educational experiences. Our 1-1 program brings 21st century skills to the forefront while engaging students in critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

Between now and the first day of school, the WCSCC strongly recommends that parents and/or guardians consider third party insurance coverage for the laptop in case of theft, loss, and major damage.

Click here for information on 3rd party insurance for educational devices: Worth Avenue Group. We do not endorse this company nor are we affiliated with it. This is simply a possible solution for you to explore if you are interested in covering your student's device. 

Click here for 1-1 Laptop Guidelines

Click here for 1-1 Laptop Parental Consent Form

Student Insurance Handout

Insurance Policy Booklet

Claims Process Instructions

School Claim Form


The 1:1 Laptop Initiative Team