Image of A'Sani WilliamsA’Sani is a senior from Orrville in Graphic Design & Photography. She is the daughter of Gary and Nikki DeHart of Orrville. She is a Student Ambassador, a member of Business Professionals of America, the Diversity Club, Drug Free Clubs of America, and Stand Club.

“A’Sani is very helpful, a very quick learner and very friendly,” said Adara Lewis, manager at Berry Good in Orrville where A’Sani works as a cashier.

 “A’Sani has displayed a positive attitude each and every day she is here at the career center,” said Graphic Design & Photography Instructor Mike Morabito. “She is always willing to help her classmates and any of our staff members using her leadership skills, her graphic design skills or in any other way she can. She truly embodies the skills that are required to help people.”  

A’Sani plans to go to Akron University to pursue an Art degree.



Image of Jared HuebnerJared Huebner is a senior from Orrville in Criminal Justice. He is the son of Robert and Heather Huebner of Orrville. Jared is serving his second year as President of his trade, second year on the Criminal Justice Honor Guard and his second year as a member of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Explorers where he currently serves as Sergeant. He is a Student Ambassador, a member of Drug Free Clubs of America and is on the Honor Roll. He attends Orrville Christian Church where he is active in Youth Group; he also participates in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at his home school. On September 22nd, Jared was sworn in to the Ohio Navy for a three-year enlistment. His current rank is Seaman Huebner, Recruit.

 “Jared is a dependable, hard-working young man,” said Cristie Robinette, Jared’s manager at Ace Hardware in Orrville where he works as a cashier.

Criminal Justice Instructor Warren Caskey said, “Jared is one of the hardest-working students I have ever had in my trade. He is very trustworthy and has the integrity which will be important for him to be successful in the criminal Justice field.”

“Jared has excelled in both his trade and academics,” said Linda Plybon, his VoSE. “He has used the resources that the Career Center has to offer as a path to his future career choice and he has done it all with tireless hard work, a very kind nature, and a smile on his face.”

Integrity and honor mean a lot to Jared. After graduation, he plans to serve in the Navy and ultimately become a police officer which will allow him to, in his words, “give back to the community and be a voice for those who don’t have one.”


Image of Blade BishopBlade is a senior from Orrville in Truck Mechanics. He is the grandson of Ty Bishop of Orrville.

Blade has just begun working for the Career Center in the Maintenance Department. In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors and trucks.

 “Blade has shown a tremendous amount of growth from junior to senior year,” said Government Teacher, Lori Bartel. “I am so proud of his accomplishments.”

Intervention Specialist Dee Black said, “I have seen such a huge improvement in Blade over the last year. He has persevered through challenges and done really well.”

“Blade has improved greatly in attitude, effort and willingness to complete assignments,” said English Instructor Ms. Squirrell. He has been polite in dealing with me and his classmates. I am incredibly proud of Blade.”

Science Instructor Mrs. Repp said, “I have seen lots of personal growth in Blade over the past year. He has developed into a responsible young man who can take on leadership roles when needed. Blade has excellent attendance and works hard.”

After graduation, Blade plans to work as a mechanic.


Image of Zach WalkerZach is a junior in Construction Technologies and is the son of Melissa Walker of Orrville.

Zach is a member of SkillsUSA, he’s a Wide Receiver and Safety on the Orrville High School football team and milks cows at Besancon Farms.

“Zach has accomplished a lot during his first quarter,” said VoSE Linda PLybon. “He completed his online credit recovery class by the end of September utilizing the Student Assistance Center before school because he leaves for football practice at the end of the school day. Zach currently has all A’s. Keep up the good work, Zach.”

Construction Technologies Instructor Rod Martell said, “Zach is a pleasant student who is working hard in my class. He concentrates and focuses daily in lab.”

After graduation, Zach would like to go to The Ohio State University and play football.


Image of Troy HartzlerTroy is a senior in Construction Technologies. He is the son of Dan & Jennifer Hartzler of Rittman. He is a member of National Honor Society, SkillsUSA, Drug Free Clubs of America, is on the Honor Roll, and had perfect Attendance last year. Troy volunteers at a local distribution center to help the needy, sings with his church group at local nursing homes and has a mission trip to Jamaica planned this summer.

“Troy has an exceptional work ethic and attitude,” said Todd Gasser, Operations Manager at Swiss Woodcraft where Troy works as a Cabinetmaker, “He always has a smile.”

“Troy has the ability to connect with everyone he comes in contact with,” said his Trade Instructor, Rod Martell. “He is a very talented cabinetmaker and has constructed many fixtures for the Career Center and outside customers.”

After graduation, Troy plans to continue working for Swiss Woodcraft full time.



Image of Jacob KetlerJacob is a senior in Interactive Media & Video. He is the son of Bryon and Heidi Bell of Rittman. He served as Vice President of the IT Media Trade last year, is a member of Business Professionals of America and is currently a Candidate to be a BPA Officer. He has also completed the BPA Student Certification Series. He is Co-Editor of the Career Center yearbook, leader of the IT Media Video Crew, is on the Honor Roll and is a member of the Drama Club and Choir at Rittman High School.

 “Jacob is a very hardworking young man who always goes above and beyond our expectations,” said Courtney McCray, Assistant Manager at Burger King where Jacob is a member of the Service Crew.

“Jacob has grown over the past year and has emerged as a leader among his peers,” said IT Media Instructor Jen Rue. “His passion and enthusiasm for his program and future career field encourages and motivates his classmates.”

After graduation, Jacob plans to attend a 4-year college with a major in Media or video and sound design.



Image of Alex WaltersAlex is a senior in Automotive Technologies and is the son of Tessa and Wayne Walters, Sr. of Rittman.

Alex is a Student Ambassador and a member of SkillsUSA. Alex plays football, is a Dietary Aide at Autumnwood Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, and he helps people with their cars.

“Alex is a responsible student who shows leadership in the classroom,” said Science Instructor Mrs. Repp. “He displays a positive attitude and willingness to learn each day.”

Intervention Specialist Ms. Black said, “Alex entered this school year very motivated to succeed. He finished his credit recovery quite quickly, and then asked to stay in the SAC for his STAR period. He helps the tutors motivate others and even helps others with assignments when he does not have his own work to complete.”

After graduation, Alex plans to go to college.


Image of Jacob HartzlerJacob Hartzler is a Homeschooled senior in Construction Technologies and the son of Tim and Sharon Hartzler of Sterling.

Jacob is a member of Drug Free Clubs of America, SkillsUSA, the Honor Roll and has completed his OSHA 10-hour Training course. He does volunteer work at local nursing homes including removing old handrails and carpeting.

Jacob works at Swiss Woodcraft as an Architectural Millworker. Director of Operations Todd Gasser said, “Jacob has a great attitude! He is very focused on completing the task at hand.”

 “Jacob is a team player that doesn’t expect anyone to do his work,” said Construction Technologies Instructor Rod Martell. “He always lifts his classmates up when they need help. His attendance and grades are near perfect.”

After graduating, Jacob plans to continue working at Swiss Woodcraft.


Image of Danielle WilliamsDanielle Williams is a junior in IT Media and comes to us from Perry High School. She is the daughter of Scott and Diana Williams of Massillon.

Danielle is an officer in the Junior IT Media class, Vice President of the Key Club, and is a candidate for Business Professionals of America State Officer. She is a member of the Canton City Schools Community Connections Drama Team, has been a Sunday School teacher for five years at Canton Baptist Temple, is in her third year of Community Youth Choir, raises money for local non-profits through Chorus for a Cause, and is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do which she has been teaching for six years.

“Danielle is a young lady who comes to class daily prepared to work and displays leadership qualities within the classroom,” said It Media Instructor Jen Rue. “She is always on task and willing to go the extra mile.”

After graduation, Danielle plans to attend a four-year college and pursue a degree in the Interactive Media field.



Image of Breanna RogersBreanna is a junior from Ontario High School in Practical Nursing and is the daughter of Annie Lykins of Mansfield.

Breanna is a member of Drug Free Clubs of America and is the Treasurer of her Junior Class. She is a member of Journey Life Center and is part of the youth group there. She helps volunteer at Harmony House in the winter with her mom to help distribute warm clothes, hats and gloves to those in need. Breanna plans to join the track team this Spring.

“Breanna brings a high level of maturity to our junior class- her passion to take care of others is palpable,” said Practical Nursing Instructor Jessica Immel. “She drives an hour each way every day just to be in Nursing School here. In clinical, she shows so much compassion, patience and gentleness to her patients and residents.”

After Graduation, Breanna wants to earn her BSN from Ashland University and become a traveling nurse.