Externship & Job Placement Services: A Working Relationship with Business & Industry


Job Placement Services

Contact us with your employment needs, and we will work quickly to match qualified graduates with your available positions.  Your business can benefit by saving time and money spent advertising open positions, and the job placement services are free, quick, easy-to-use, confidential, and have no obligation. 


Job Placement focuses on computer, office, accounting, medical office, medical assisting, and welding or industrial employment.  Email or fax your job postings to us and we will match the resumes of our students to your specifications. Please contact Josi Weaver-Kranz at JWeaver-Kranz@wcscc.org or 330-669-7070, ext. 6013 for more information. 



Externship Opportunities

Every full-time career development student gains hands-on experience at a local business or organization through an externship. The business or organization has the opportunity to “try out” a potential new employee, with no obligation, while relieving the stress of a heavy workload.  


Externships At-A-Glance

  • Externship schedule can be coordinated to accommodate the employer’s needs. Hours and days are flexible, and can be agreed upon by extern site and extern (minimum 12 hours per week).
  • Limited paperwork for the employer with maximum benefit of a qualified extern. The only required paperwork is an externship agreement, verified timesheets, and final evaluation.
  • Externships are typically unpaid, however this is at the discretion of the extern site. Externs are to treat externships as if they were a “dress rehearsal” for employment.
  • Externship coordinator will make one visit to site during externship, and will be available should any questions or concerns arise during the externships.
  • Externship will conclude when the required hours are met (varies by training program, 40-170 hours); however, site can choose to offer full or part-time employment if the extern has proven to be an asset to the organization.

Mutual Benefits: Business receives the assistance of a trained student extern, and the extern benefits by gaining valuable on-the-job experience.