Job Placement
The purpose of the program is to provide the opportunity for students to observe and experience, on a first-hand basis, the nature of the occupation for which they are being trained.


Adult Ed Job Placement

Adult Job Placement is available to area employers wishing to hire “job-ready” adult students and adult graduates. Specializing in computer, office, accounting, medical office, and welding or industrial employment, the program is quick, easy-to-use, confidential, and has no obligation. For more information regarding Adult Job Placement click here.


High School Job Placement

Eligible seniors can particpate in job placement in the form of paid, supervised, on-the-job training or an unpaid internship. Students are required to complete 15 hours of career - technical training a week; this can be a combination of on-the-job, workplace learning and classroom experiences. The placement experience should be related to the student’s Career Tech program. For more information regarding High School Job placement contact Sarah Sprunger, Career Services Coordinator at 330-669-7017 or via email,



• To assist qualified students in securing full- and part-time employment in their fields of career preparation prior to graduation
• To provide experience for qualified students on specialized equipment in the field that cannot be replicated in lab
• To provide the necessary support services which will aid qualified students in making the transition from school to work
• To provide an incentive for all students to complete their education
• To provide for an adequate period of training that will enhance the student’s chances of being successful in his/her chosen career


Benefits to the business:

• Offers access to student interns with specific skills at a more flexible rate of pay
• Provides the opportunity to preview or evaluate a potential employee in the workplace
• Enables businesses to establish relationships with students, educators and schools
• Provides an opportunity for employers to discuss curriculum decisions that would prove advantageous to the business
• Requires no obligation to retain the student employee if his/her performance is unsatisfactory
• Enables the business to showcase its products, services or work environment to potential future employees


Expectations for High School Job Placement:

• Performance will be supervised by instructor and cooperating employer
• A student evaluation form will be given to the cooperating employer once per grading period by the instructor
• Student monthly report forms will be completed by the student and returned to the Career Services Coordinator
• Performance will be continually evaluated and monitored