Many programs at the Career Center offer a variety of goods and services to the public. From dog grooming to banquets and oil changes to manicures, there are a number of ways community members can get the services they need while providing students with opportunities to practice customer service skills. Many of these services are offered at discounted rates as this is a learning experience for the students. Check out the list below or print out the flyer.


Ag Mechanics/Power Technologies

Room E-111

Repair of agricultural & industrial equipment

Call 330-669-7085 for appointment

Instructor Ken Carraway


Animal Care & Management

Room D-142

Dog grooming

Call 330-669-7066 for appointment

Instructor Sara Hostetler


Automotive Technologies

Room D-118

Service and repair of cars and light trucks

Call 330-669-7045 for appointment

Instructor David Leatherman


Construction Technologies

Room D-108

Construction projects from an entire house built by senior students, to smaller projects built at the Career Center or at your residence. Examples: cabinetry, decks, garages, pergolas, light masonry, additions. 

Call 330-669-7022 for appointment

Instructor Rod Martell


Room B-120

Hair, Nail and Waxing Services: Shampoos, Haircuts, Perms, Color, Manicures, Nails, Pedicures, Facials, Facial Waxing

Call 330-669-7040 for Appointment

Instructor Angela Ramsay

Senior Cosmetology Salon Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 8:15-10:15 a.m.


Culinary Arts

Room A-183

Grass Roots Cafe Hours of Operation and Menu

Breakfasts, Luncheons, Banquets

Bakery and Restaurant - limited operations

Call 330-669-7002 for reservations or appointment

Instructor Peter Kerling


Diesel Technologies

Room D-134

Oil changes, brake service, basic repairs for semi-tractors

Call 330-669-7000, ext. 4120 for appointment

Instructor Ben McConahay


Early Childhood Education & Care

Room B-155


Call 330-669-7080 for information

Click here for WCSCC Preschool brochure

Click here for application

Instructor Debra McDonald


Graphic Design & Photography

Room C-110

Graphic design and printing, digital screen printing, photography

Call 330-669-7075 for appointment

Instructor Kayla James


Interactive Media

Room D-221

Instructional and informational videos

Call 330-669-7095 for appointment

Instructor Jennifer Rue


Welding Technologies

Room C-104

Small metal projects to build and/or repair

Call 330-669-7065 for appointment

Instructor Jeff Mehling