Registered Apprenticeship is an industry-driven training model designed to help employers attract qualified applicants and increase productivity at a reasonable cost. Each Registered Apprenticeship program is sponsored by an employer, a group of employers, and/or a labor organization. It combines on-the-job training and related technical instruction to teach the practical and theoretical aspects of a skilled occupation. This training model allows businesses to improve the skills of existing employees, and quickly boost the productivity of new hires.


Sponsoring A Program

Your bottom line depends on your ability to keep pace with market demands for workforce skill and productivity. We can help you develop a strategy to prepare your employees for these emerging challenges. The Ohio State Apprenticeship Council is authorized to register apprenticeship programs and to certify their trainees in Ohio. The council offers technical assistance in designing programs and finding the right educational facility for technical instruction. It can also assist in writing program plans and fine-tuning the curriculum. As a Registered Apprenticeship sponsor, your organization may qualify to receive Individual Training Account dollars under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) employment and training system. There may also be tax incentives available.


A Skill Enhancement Solution

Registered Apprenticeship enhances the skill and experience of your staff, through training that is based on industry standards but also adaptable to an employer's business plan. Because Registered Apprenticeship promotes mutual success for employers and trainees, it can be an excellent way to improve motivation, attendance, productivity, and performance. Additional benefits of Registered Apprenticeship include:

  • High-level skills to help your employees and your organization meet the demands of global competition
  • Training that meets the specifications of your organization and your industry
  • A pipeline for new skilled workers


Registered Apprenticeship programs allow workers to receive training for occupations on the job, with guidance from experienced workers. Apprenticeship programs also have an educational component (usually classroom-based) known as "related technical instruction." The average Registered Apprenticeship program entails 8,000 hours of on-the-job training and 576 hours of related technical instruction. Hence, the Apprenticeship Council's motto: Registered Apprenticeship: The Other 4-Year Degree.


Ohio has about 1,100 active programs registered by the Ohio State Apprenticeship Council. They train workers for almost 200 occupations in these industries:

  • aerospace
  • construction
  • energy
  • information technology
  • manufacturing
  • the public sector, including utilities
  • transportation
  • and MORE


For more information about sponsoring a Registered Apprenticeship program, contact Bruce Steiner at to set up an appointment to discuss the process.