Awarded December 2011

The Wooster Animal Clinic has been serving Wayne County animal owners for more than 42 years. They provide services ranging from surgery to boarding, including dental, emergency and orthopedic surgeries. Dr. Mike and Jane Yacapraro opened the business in August 1968 on Old Lincoln Way east of Wooster. Other veterinarians there are Dr. Mark Yacapraro, their son; Dr. Greg Cantrell, and Dr. Mark Hoverstock.

 Dr. Mark Yacapraro accepted the award.

Nominating Wooster Animal Clinic were Animal Care & Management instructor Amber Abrecht and aide Stephanie Long.

“Wooster Animal Clinic has been a great partner in treating our animals,” said Ms. Abrecht. “They have always been there to answer any of the strange questions our students bring to us. Dr. Hoverstock, as well as the other vets on staff, have always treated our animals well and are great vets and a great facility to deal with. It is also great that they are knowledgeable in everything we have in class, from reptiles to mammals.”

“They are our veterinarians for our animals when they are injured, sick or need shots, and specialize in reptiles, birds and mammals.”

“They have provided a place for job shadowing, and Dr. Cantrell has been a guest speaker. They give general care advice over the phone to treat our animals without having to take them in for treatment.”

As the Animal Care program is a training ground for the Vet Tech field, Ms. Abrecht said that her students would be considered for placement if a job opening came available because of their hands-on preparation for that position.

We thank Wooster Animal Clinic for their ongoing support of our Animal Care & Management program.