By calling or texting the statewide hotline - 844-SAFEROH (844-723-3764) - you can report anything that is suspicious or endangering you, your friends or your school.

What is Safer Schools Ohio?

Safer Schools Ohio is a multi-agency effort created to assist schools in continuously improving the safety of our students. Safety Plans Paramount in this effort is ensuring each school has a strong building safety plan. Schools are comparing their existing plans to a model plan developed by the Attorney General’s School Safety Task Force that outlines the best approaches to keeping kids safe. State experts, including those in the Department of Public Safety’s Ohio Homeland Security division, review the information and provide guidance to help schools implement best practices and improve their plans.


Ohio Homeland Security will provide technical assistance at no cost to local stakeholders as they develop and implement their school safety plans.   

Reporting Hotline

Public safety officials offer the hotline 844-SAFEROH at no cost to schools as a way for students to report potential suicides, school shootings, bullying or other problems anonymously.

Ohio Department of Education Center for P-20 Safety and Security (614) 644-2641

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