Awarded in February 2008


RBB Systems Inc. was the recipient of the Wayne County Schools Career Center Outstanding Business Partner award.

Ross Lilley, project specialist, and CEO Bruce Hendrick represented RBB Systems. Ross was named a Distinguished Alumna of the Career Center in 2003. He was a Triway graduate who completed our Electronics program in 1973. Other Career Center alumni at RBB are: Kate Mick, ERP Coordinator, who graduated from the Career Center Accounting program; Ted Ayers, the Machine Shop & Facilities Manager, who graduated from Machine Trades; Mike Hart, Manufacturing Technician, who graduated from Drafting, and Jeff Fankhauser, Test & Repair Technician, from Electronics.


RBB Systems began in the Shreve area in 1973. In 2001, they moved to their current location at 4264-C East Lincoln Way, Wooster, and completed consolidation in 2007.


RBB has hired graduates of Career Center programs for more than 30 years. They have also promoted graduates like Ross Lilley into management positions. RBB associates have served on the Electronics advisory committee for more than 15 years.


RBB has donated many valuable items to the school, which have been and continue to be very beneficial to our students’ educations. They provide annual field trips for electronics students, guest speakers, and has acted as a job shadowing site. RBB has provided professional development opportunities and judges for our SkillsUSA contests. They always provide speakers and/or signboards for our Open Houses. They supported our recent levy and had levy materials available for their associates and local customers.


RBB has provided an incredible amount of services to our school over the past 35 years. Once, when Gary Wimer was sick with the flu for Open House, they provided a past graduate, who was one of their associates, to run the electronics open house for our prospective sophomore students. “If I listed everything they have provided for our school over the past 35 years, it would fill a book,” Wimer said.


The Wayne County Schools Career Center appreciates RBB’s ongoing contributions to and support of our programs and students.