Awarded in April 2009

Stair Steps to Wellness L.L.C., was the recipient of the Wayne County Schools Career Center Outstanding Business Partner award in April. Rick and Dianna Stair, owners and operators, accepted the honor. Both have been named Distinguished Alumni, Rick in 1996 and Dianna in 2004, and proudly display their plaques at their business.

Rick graduated from Triway High School and Ag and Industrial Mechanics in 1978, and Dianna graduated from Wooster High School and Office Machines in 1980. During the 1970s and 1980s, Rick’s family owned Shearer Farm Inc. which hired many Career Center graduates as well.

Their therapeutic massage therapy health care business was opened in 2002, and now has five other associated licensed massage therapists, including Jane Adkins, who is another Career Center graduate.

Stair Steps to Wellness LLC is located at 4511 Silver Road, just west of Wooster. Rick also owns and operates Rick’s Agri-Parts, which offers new and aftermarket parts and supplies to the agricultural market.

The Stairs were nominated by Special Education Coordinator Deborah Plank. “They have been supporters of the Career Center, from serving as prom chaperones to participating in our Health Fair to providing massages for our staff through our Health and Wellness Committee. They supported our levy and are always willing to support the Career Center in any way they can.” They have also served on advisory committees.

“Stair Steps to Wellness is a great example of small business success,” Deb said. “They are strong proponents of vocational education, and are always willing to spread the positive message of how the Career Center can help students become successful in their chosen fields. They are an asset in positive community relations. They are good, solid Wayne County citizens who credit the Career Center for the foundation of their success.”

Their faith in a Career Center education was emphasized when they enrolled their daughter, Rilee, in our Cosmetology program for next year. Their son Shea is also planning on attending the Career Center in a few years.

The Wayne County Schools Career Center appreciates the ongoing contributions of the Stairs in support of our programs, staff and students.