• Image of student taking a patient's pulse
  • Image of a student taking a patient's blood pressure
  • Image of student putting on personal protective equipment
  • Image of student practicing geriatric nursing skills
This is a two-year program for high school juniors and seniors
  • Deliver basic patient care in various healthcare settings
  • Use professional medical equipment and technology to enhance the health and wellness of others
  • Practice ethical standards, confidentiality, and professionalism when interacting with patients, clients, and coworkers
  • Certifications
  • Clinicals
  • Job Placement
Career Opportunities: 
  • State-Tested Nurse Aide
  • Restorative Nurse Aide
  • Home Health Care/Homemaking Aide
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Environmental/Bathing Aide
  • Personal Care Assistant

With additional training:

  • Practical Nurse
  • Other health care careers
  • Registered Nurse
Additional Information: 

Students will have a variety of clinical experiences at local long-term care, acute care and rehabilitation facilities.

Students in this program belong to Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA). It provides opportunities for competition, leadership and community service projects.