Effective 6.24.21
  1. All lab activities must follow WCSCC protocols in addition to meeting industry standards
  2. Students stay home with 100⁰+ temperature and/or other symptoms
  3. Revised teacher schedule (7:30-2:30)
  4. Bus drop offs (one at a time), no congregating – social distancing
  5. Students go to 1st period class upon arrival
  6. Masks are recommended, but not required, for all staff, students, and visitors (fabric covering mouth and nose, school appropriate)
  7. Hand washing throughout the day
  8. Hand sanitizer throughout Career Center
  9. Classrooms, labs and all other common areas – 3’ social distancing
  10. Seating charts in all classes, STAR Periods and lunches
  11. Breakfast and Lunches – social distancing, facing forward, and staying seated throughout
  12. Cleaning crew – disinfect Commons/restrooms/ classrooms/labs/common areas/offices (every day after school, with the 360 cleaner as needed)
  13. Directional arrows in hallway for traffic flow
  14. HVAC – full outdoor air circulation
  15. All protocols of Governor and County Health Department
  16. Positive case of Covid-19 = persons will be contacted by Health Department or nurse (the school is not permitted to release identifying information)
  17. WCSCC will work to decrease the likelihood of infection through additional hygiene, cleaning, and safety procedures. However, please understand being in a public place has a certain level of risk that cannot be eliminated.